Over 2000 locals complete financial training

More than 2000 locals from Manus Province have been equipped with financial literacy skills.

This comes after their successful completion of financial literacy training.

The quiet little town came alive with the sounds of the famous Manu garamut to celebrate the milestone achievement of the graduands.

Subsistence farming and fishing are their primary source of income, however managing and budgeting their earnings are the biggest challenges.

Graduands said prior to the training, they had little or no money management skills. However, the tide has now turned for them. They are now knowledgeable in saving, budgeting, debt management, banking services and mobile money.

George Awap Project Director, said banking the unbanked and empowering the rural populace to access financial services is the essence of the program, with greater  emphasis on upscaling financial inclusion for all Papua New Guineans.

The first phase of the training covered 6 LLGs of Manus Province, with plans to cover the last 6 LLGs underway, said project manager Jacob Gop.

The training is channelled under the BPNG’s Microfinance Expansion Program in partnership with AusAid, ADB and Manus Provincial Government.


Source: Loop PNG

Date: 22nd June, 2017

Link: http://www.looppng.com/community/over-2000-locals-complete-financial-training-61333


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