CEFI & MRA sign MOU for financial inclusion programs in mining communities​

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed on Monday 25th June 2018 between Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) and BPNG/CEFI establishing collaboration with the mining sector to facilitate partnerships that include the roll-out of financial inclusion activities in communities affected by mining projects that receive direct royalties and compensation.

Key financial inclusion program activities will include and not limited to financial literacy training linked to opening bank accounts, mobile banking training and facilitate for mobile banking services, set up agency banking training and establishment of agency banking outlets in remote mining communities and business development skills training.

The signing of MOU between the MRA & BPNG/CEFI is an initiative that supports the implementation of the 2nd National Financial Inclusion Strategy to enable financial access/literacy for those in mining communities to partake in wealth creation and economic development.

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