Trainer gains fulfilment seeing participants develop and better their financial behaviours​

Providing business development skills (BDS) training in Papua New Guinea is a very challenging but fulfilling task according to Ms. Theresia Mapa, CEFI’s Microfinance Expansion Project (MEP) certified BDS trainer from Anglimp, Jiwaka Province.

Ms Mapa has conducted eight BDS trainings and says confidence, understanding of your audience and content is very important to conducting a successful training.

“I must have confidence to deliver the training, many of my participants have questions about the content of the training and I try my best to simplify it for them and to train them at a level that they can understand.”

With 16 years’ experience as a teacher she says she uses her experience to help her conduct the trainings.

“When I do my trainings I conduct them in groups, I train some as a family unit at home and others as a group in church or in the community. I use charts and examples that they can relate to and for those that are literate I ask them to take notes.”

She said fulfilment comes from knowing that the training has changed people’s financial behaviours. Many of her participants now understand how they are spending their money and what they can do and tools to use to help build their businesses. However, Theresia adds, “there is a need for trainers like her to understand and be trained in the work and processes that financial institutions do.”

She said whilst training her participants, especially women ask questions regarding bank processes and services and how they can access these services.

“When participants ask me questions about how they can get a loan from the bank or how much they can deposit or open accounts, I always refer them to the Banks but when they go to the banks they do not get the help they need.”

It is important that trainers know these information so we can help our people in the village she said. The call now is for financial institutions to provide readily available information and services to the people.

BDS trainings are conducted by our local partners and an impact assessment is carried out to assess what our trainers have done and what their participants have achieved from the training.

Business Development skills training program is funded by the Asian Development Bank, AusAID, Bank of Papua New Guinea and the Government of PNG.


Microfinance Expansion Project (MEP) is designed to improve financial inclusion by strengthening the inclusive financial (microfinance) sector in PNG. The project is co-financed by the PNG Government, the Government of Australia and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) with the Bank of Papua New Guinea (BPNG) as Executing Agency.

A key component of MEP is to provide Business Development Skills (BDS) to the Micro and Small Business and potential entrepreneurs of PNG, particularly the poor and women located in rural areas. As per estimates more than 80% of the Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) of PNG are owned and operated by entrepreneurs who need external support to grow and develop their business. The importance associated with the MSEs growth not only ensures job creation and GDP increase but also makes the MFIs’ and Banks’ loan portfolio secure. Sustained cash-flow and profit reduces the bad loans and contributes to national growth.

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