CEFI trains media fraternity on Financial Literacy

The Centre for Excellence in Financial Inclusion (CEFI) has provided Financial Literacy Training for 16 personnel from the Papua New Guinea media fraternity on Friday 09 October 2020 in Port Moresby. 

The training conducted by CEFI imparted key techniques of savings and budgeting; setting financial goals, developing family budget, accounting risks and spending money wisely.

CEFI Executive Director Saliya J Ranasinghe recognises PNG media as a key partner in implementing and delivering financial inclusivity in the country.

“As part of the Financial Literacy expansion in the country, your participation at this training will give you a holistic understanding on the function of CEFI, build your understanding of the CEFI mandate and importantly to generate the understanding within the national populace on the importance of saving and budgeting,” Mr Ranasinghe stated.

Bank of Papua New Guinea Assistant Governor Ellison Pidik officiated the presentation of the certificates of participation to media and amplified the need for greater collaboration and engagement between media fraternity, CEFI and BPNG.

“The pervasive low levels of financial literacy and competence constitute a key barrier to financial inclusion and expose Papua New Guineans, in particular low income households, to the risks of exploitation by financial predators, and the ineffective use of household cash flows. Therefore, there is a need to continue to focus on increasing levels of financial literacy in order to ensure that people will use financial services to their best advantage. “Says Mr Pidik.

Seated L-R, CEFI Communications Manager Eva Kuson, BPNG Assistant Governor Ellison Pidik, CEFI Executive Director Saliya J. Ranasnghe and CEFI Senior Trainer Jill Pijui with media participants at the Financial Literacy Training

CEFI is delivering Financial Literacy retail training and Training-of-Trainers (TOT) in partnership with registered training institutions, Non-Government-Organisations, Faith-Based-Organisations, Civil-Based-Organisations, government institutions, private enterprises, resource sector and commodity boards.

CEFI’s vision is to create financial inclusivity by promoting excellence in financial services, innovative delivery channels and facilitating financial literacy.

For further information on the work of CEFI please contact CEFI Communications and Stakeholder Mobilisation Team: +675 3225300, email: ekuson@thecefi.org  or visit www.thecefi.org


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