Business Link Pacific Launches & The Centre for Excellence in Financial Inclusion launch new online tool to help SMEs in Papua New Guinea with finance

Working in partnership with the Centre for Excellence in Financial Inclusion (CEFI) to find sustainable solutions to support the growth of the private sector, Business Link Pacific is launching a new Finance Finder tool in Papua New Guinea to provide information about the latest SME financial products and services in the country.

The launching event will be held at the Hilton Hotel in Port Moresby, August 11, and will gather key stakeholders in the financial and MSME sector from CEFI, MSME Council, SME Corporation, BPNG, chambers of commerce, and a range of banks and financial institutions,

The new Finance Finder is available online for SMEs in PNG allowing businesses to search for loan options across a range of different providers, compare terms and interest rates, and save products to view later. The tool can be accessed at or

This Finance Finder is designed to support SMEs in PNG to find in one place the financing options that are right for them. The Finance Finder works in partnership with banks and institutions to provide the latest information about financial products for businesses. Currently, Financial institutions such as MiBank, Kina Bank, BSP Financial Group Limited, People’s Micro Bank, Women’s Micro Bank, Kada Poroman Microfinance Limited and Credit Corporation Finance Limited are displaying information about the latest SME products. This list will continue to grow with new products and partners.

“Businesses will be able to look at finance options online as well as applying through BLP for help with their applications,” says Steve Knapp, BLP’s Director.
“We are pleased to be working alongside BLP to launch and roll out the Finance Finder tool in PNG”, says Saliya Ranasinghe Executive Director of CEFI.

“The SME Loan product guide released last year by CEFI was the first step to bring this information together,” says Assistant Governor, Financial System Stability Group, Bank of PNG -Mr Ellison Pidik.
“The launch of the online platform of the Finance Finder will definitely benefit the SMEs in the country by providing access to information about the range of local lending products available, SMEs will be able to identify the most suitable product for them,” adds the Assistant Governor.

Business Link Pacific hopes this new tool will allow more SMEs to access financial services by offering updated information provided directly by partnering banks.

BLP has various in-country partners in PNG offering face to face consultations, business diagnostics and business advisory services referrals that can support loan applications and provide financial advice. For more information about BLP and the Finance Finder, businesses can send an enquiry to, or
The new Finance Finder tool is available for PNG businesses online at

CEFI Financial Inclusion Coordinator Albert Mokis demonstrating to invited guest on how to use the Finance Finder Application.
CEFI Financial Inclusion Coordinator Albert Mokis demonstrating to invited guest on how to use the Finance Finder Application.

For more information about the programme or to arrange an interview contact: Sandra Mendez, Head of Communications and Impact for Business Link Pacific on

About Business Link Pacific:
BLP is a private sector development programme funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, a New Zealand Aid Programme initiative honouring New Zealand’s commitment to supporting the economic growth of Pacific Island countries.

The Business Link Pacific team is based in Auckland, New Zealand and is currently supported by in-country partners in Vanuatu, Fiji, Samoa & Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and the Cook Islands. In Samoa, BLP services are available through the Samoa Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The over 112 business advisory firms members of the Business Link Pacific (BLP) Advisor Network have helped to create new products, supported many digital transformations, and helped many businesses through a variety of crises, including the onset of COVID-19, increasing economic growth across Samoa, Vanuatu, Fiji, Cook Islands, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.

Stories about the business talent in the PICs have been captured and shared with the Business Link Pacific audience both in New Zealand and across the Pacific Region, and can be accessed via the Business Link Pacific website.

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