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CEFI is implementing innovative approaches under the National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NFIS) 2016-2020 to progress toward financial inclusivity and best practices to create economic opportunity for all, where citizens can access, use, and benefit from the high-quality, affordable financial services they need to build better lives.

This Inclusive Insurance Awareness campaign stems from CEFI Inclusive Insurance Working Group (IIWG), which serves as a coordinating body to promote and advocate for the development of Inclusive Insurance policies and regulatory regime that will enable the growth of the insurance market for the general population including low-income individuals.

The campaign “Get Insured, Rest Assured” is a multi-stakeholder driven campaign, aimed at creating awareness and popularizing the concept of Insurance in Papua New Guinea. The campaign  was launched on October 29 2020, and will roll-out to February 2021 set over 10 videos, 10 infographics, advertorials and press releases. 

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