Institute of Banking and Business Management (IBBM) in partnership with Center for Excellence in Financial Inclusion (CEFI) designed the Professional Certificate in Microfinance Program.


Duration: 3 to 6 months online with 5 days workshops at IBBM

The Level 1 certificate is designed for frontline staff like officers in Microfinance institutions who wish to build a strong skill set for undertaking credit roles and responsibilities within PNG characterized by an ever growing Microfinance Industry.Fundamentals of Microfinance

1. Basics of Business Maths and Accounting for Microfinance
2. Essential Skills for Microfinance Lending officers
3. Customer Service in Microfinance
4. Microfinance Products
5. Operational Risk Management

The Level 2 certificate is an advanced program and is intended for those who wish to deepen and expand their competence in credit skills and judgement.Microfinance Financial Management

1. Loan Assessments monitoring and recovery
2. Management Information System and Reporting
3. Delinquency Management
4. Strategic Business Planning

The Level 3 certificate is an advanced certificate designed for those who wish to develop an advanced level of technical knowledge and skills in all aspects of ability to apply the skills and judgement in complex business situations particularly at a higher management level.

1. Financial Management
2. Ratio Analysis
3. Regulatory Compliance and Reporting
4. Corporate Governance

Improving capacity of staff has been a challenge for the micro finance institutions. In order to be successful in a dynamic environment, it is imperative that staff acquire new skills which will enable not only to respond to the changes but also, to build competence in core areas to meet the diverse needs of different customers. Eventually, the success of a financial institution lies in leveraging technology with skilled human resources.