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Submit the following, Cover Letter that addressses the criteria, CV, and Certificates. All applications can be emailed to info@thecefi.org

Applications closing date: Tuesday 16th May, 2023, 4:30pm

1. Background:

The Centre for Excellence in Financial Inclusion (CEFI) was established as an Association incorporated under the IPA Act and officially
endorsed by PNG’s National Executive Council, as the industry apex organization to coordinate, advocate and monitor all financial
inclusion activities in PNG. In this capacity, CEFI is coordinating the implementation of the National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NFIP)
and the National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NFIS).
CEFI’s primary responsibility is to promote excellence in financial services, innovate delivery channels and facilitate financial education.
CEFI’s key roles and responsibilities will include the coordination of all financial inclusion activities and initiatives in PNG by working
with stakeholders, including financial institutions, government organizations and agencies, educational institutions, NGOs, faith-based
organizations, mobile phone operators, companies and services providers to ensure financial services reach out to the impecunious, unserved and unbanked population in the countr

2. Training Officer Purpose Statement 

The Training Officer will be responsible for delivering and monitoring the CEFI trainings on financial literacy and business essential skills.
The Training officer will work under the supervision of the Manager Training and Capacity and oversee the delivery of financial inclusion
training under the CEFI training partnerships, contribute to monitoring and evaluation of programs and provide recommendations to
improve training services.

3. Key Accountabilities

• ConductTrainingofTrainer (TOT)Trainings forpartnersandclientsofCEFIandconduct retail training.
• Conduct Direct RetailTrainings forpartnersandclientsofCEFI,
• Assit theSeniorTrainingbyidentify MOU Partners forFLand BESTrainings,
• Beresponsibletoensure MOU partnerships with different stakeholders takesplace,
• BeresponsibletoconductFLand BESToTTrainingsunder thegovernmentengagement, communityboardand NFISCoordination
and Stakeholder Engagement in initiatives,
• SupervisethedeliveryofFinancialLiteracytrainingand BusinessEssentialSkills trainingbypartners.
• Submit trainingreportsandpicturesofall thetrainingregular toFinancial Inclusion andCapacity Development Manager,
• Closely monitorbankaccountsopeningfor trainingparticipantsandensureit isalignedtotheCEFI
objectives, right after trainings conducted,
• Providecoachingand mentoringsupport toCEFI’sPartnersorFieldTrainers,
• Collect,prepareandreporton financial literacyand BusinessEssentialSkills trainingcasestudies.
• Conductonsiteandoffsite MonitoringandEvaluation ofFLand BEStrainings.
• Ensureallpartnersprovide monthly & quarterlyreportson timeandprovideupdatetoFinancial Inclusion andCapacity
Development Manager,
• Collection of trainingdatabaseofall trainings (Fl & BES) conductedbyCEFIandreportdatetoFinancial Inclusion andCapacity
Building Manager,
• Monitoringtrainingroll-outplansperpartner institution,
• Providetimelyreports,as requiredbytheFinancial Inclusion andCapacity Building ManagerandtheSenior ManagementofCEFI.
• AssistandsupportSpecialProjects Manageron GovernmentEngagement Roll-outProgramandactivitiesunderCEFI ledprojects,
• Anyother tasks requiredbytheFinancial Inclusion andCapacity Developemnt ManagerandSenior
Management of CEFI.

4. Qualification and Experience

• Degreein Socialdevelopment,education,business management, socialdevelopmentor related field
• RegisteredTrainer with NationalTrainingCouncil (NTC)
• 2-5yearsexperiencein conductingtraining,developingtrainingsessions, implementation and monitoringprojectactivities,
• 2yearsexperiencein conductingTrain theTrainer (ToT) trainings,
• Excellent written andverbal communication skills,
• Excellent interpersonal skills,and
• Mustbeorganizedandcommitted.