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Financial Inclusion Engagement in Provinces

 A Pilot Project has been established to roll out Financial Inclusion activities in four selected provinces in PNG in 2018. These provinces have been selected based on the interest shown during the NFIP consultations that were conducted in these provinces.

CEFI has sent out letters to the Provincial Governors and Administrators of Milne Bay, East New Britain, Eastern Highlands and Madang provinces to arrange awareness workshops for key stakeholders. The key stakeholders in the target provinces that CEFI will engage with includes; LLG Presidents, provincial administration senior staff, women groups, youth groups and church leaders. Stakeholder engagements in the provinces will be preceded by engagements at the national level with key stakeholders including; Minister for Provincial & Local level government, Minister for Communication & Information, Secretary for  Department of Provincial & local Level government, Secretary for Department of Communication & Information and NICTA .

The key outcome expected from the provincial engagement workshops is agreement on the list of Financial Inclusion (FI) activities to be rolled out in the provinces and the project management governance structure to oversee the rollout of the agreed activities. It is expected that a memorandum of agreement will be signed between CEFI and each provincial government.

CEFI will propose a Project Steering Committee (PSC) arrangement to be responsible for overseeing the rollout of the FI activities in the provinces. The PSC will be chaired by a senior executive from the provincial administration and will comprise key stakeholders from the province and CEFI. TOR for the PSC will be developed and presented at the awareness workshops for deliberations and to get stakeholders agreement.

It is expected that after the awareness workshops are completed for each province and buy in is secured, PSC will develop Provincial FI Work plans that will outline key activities to be rolled out in a year. CEFI will then write officially to the Governor and Provincial Administrator to seek support and resource allocation to roll out the agreed FI activities in the respective provinces.

Once support is obtained from the Governor and Provincial Administrator of the provinces; CEFI will coordinate development of MOAs in consultation with the Provincial Administrator that will be signed by the Provincial Administration and CEFI. During the signing of the MOA the provincial FI activities roll out plans will be launched together with the PSC.

The initial engagements are planned to take place in the first quarter of 2019 with Milne Bay and East New Britain in February and Eastern Highlands and Madang provinces in March 2019.


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