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Digicel Financial Services strategic approach in using its ‘Cell Moni’ platform to deliver financial services

In this insight, we look at Digicel Financial Services Ltd [DFSL] highlights of some of the strategic approach being made by DFSL to on the usage of its mobile financial service platform ‘CellMoni’ through implementing activities such as; [a] Introduction and improving of services, [b] New developments planned ahead and [c] Some challenges faced to provide affordable and quality financial services with ‘Cell Moni’.

As per the I-Commit, in the next four [4] years, DFSL looks to increase CellMoni subscribers through:

  • New Customer Onboarding Strategy

‘Community Engagements with customers’ involving the setup of mini booths in specific communities three [3] times a week where  significant results have been observed with improvements in onboarding of customers.


  • Introduction of New Products

These are products introduced and tailored for customers to access new services and products only available on ‘CellMoni’ when it comes to customer base commitment as per the I-Commit.


Examples of ‘new product’ include:


International Money Remittance (IMR)

A [Digicel] CellMoni customer has the option to be remitted money from overseas senders directly into their phone other than traditionally through bank account or Western Union.

Merchant Payments

Apart from payments through USSD *888# code to stores accepting CellMoni payments, an additional payment method has been made possible for customers with a smartphone to simply scan the QR code which is a new concept with a two-way benefit [2-ways] a] Improve store customer experience b] faster payment & convenience experience. This service is currently available by close to sixty CellMoni stores [merchants] and with the footprint being expanded.


  • Agent Expansion

To increase footprint of agents, DFSL looks to partner with pop-up table businesses with a commission structure as an added bonus benefiting their ongoing business. Currently DFSL has the largest agent distribution network in the country with  1200 CellMoni agents available to existing and potential customers to access financial services.

We have an array of production service points, key ones that speak to our selling point are;

  • Utility &/or Bill Payments

CellMoni customers are paying through their phone, electricity and water bill anywhere, anytime minimizing physical visits to a store and standing in queues. Customers can now, through recent innovation, can check their water bill through CellMoni without having to visit a Water PNG branch in order to make payment.


  • Cash Disbursement

DFSL provides to individuals and businesses [small or large] the payment solution of performing cash disbursements to recipients who for example are; casual workers, volunteers, farmers in exchange for crops and so forth.


An example of this is the current World Bank Food Nutrition initiative where DFSL has partnered with Department of Community Development and Religion enabling the department to perform such transactions to recipients.

We also have in the pipeline for the next three [3] to four [4] years planned developments such as:

  • Insurance payments

Premium payments are made through CellMoni by individuals and businesses [small or large].


  • Ticket payments

Ticket payments through CellMoni for a customer to attend event[s], lottery and bets.


  • Visa card placements

Visa card holders with CellMoni can be able to transfer money from their visa bank account to their CellMoni to perform payments for services or products unique to CellMoni and not available on other payment service provider platforms.

Some of the potential barriers identified and, is a challenge faced by Digicel Financial Services include:

  • Moving funds from bank account to CellMoni

CellMoni customers with bank accounts are currently withdrawing cash from their accounts to physically to have to visit a CellMoni agent or Digicel store to make a cash deposit into their CellMoni so to make transactions for services or products unique to CellMoni, not available on other platforms


To move funds from a bank account to a CellMoni wallet does not exist. This is a pain point shared with relevant stakeholders in the interest of customers.


  • Know your customer [KYC]

Customers are keen to use CellMoni however, similar to other financial institutions, customers need to provide an ID but, do not have an ID. This is an issue faced by most Papua New Guineans and financial institutions.


  • Switch

DFSL has since progressed with and are now, part of the national payment council where all national financial institutions who are part of the council collectively, decide and enable switch access and connectivity.


To conclude, DFSL’s financial inclusion agenda comes down to four key pillars;


  • Empowerment:

To empower those without financial access and be able to bridge that gap.


  • Convenience:

DFSL can be part of the solution in the financial services ecosystem to address a number of issues.


For example, the bank situations to reduce queue form at ATMs and Bank lines through funds transfers from bank accounts to CellMoni giving access to the vast majority facing demography challenges relating to access to financial services as CellMoni is accessible with a mobile phone.


  • Security:

A sense of financial security is given to customers minimizing the carrying of physical cash and addressing potential threats, theft and hold-ups made to customers.


  • Affordability:

CellMoni’s fee structure is competitive and currently, only includes fee charge for withdrawing of cash from their CellMoni wallet whilst all other services available and unique to CellMoni platform do not include transaction fees to a customer.

Photo Caption: Mr. Thompson Kumi Sakyi, Managing Director, Mobile Financial Services, in a question and answer session with CEFI briefly outlined and highlighted some of Digicel Financial Services strategic approach to improving its customer’s use of its mobile services ‘Cell Moni’.

Photo caption: (below-top image) DFS Head Office in Port Moresby. (right image) The Customer Services Call Centre.




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